Presenting, one of a kind exotic necklaces composed of hand selected pieces from allover Asia featuring sterling silver, jade and semi precious stones. Each piece individually designed and constructed with a sense of the dramatic to be worn with the confidence of the woman who wants to be noticed for her fashion flair and up to the minute design . The designer and maker of these truly unique pieces, travels Asia to hand select the content of each one. It is because of their content that they cannot be copied. Each necklace contains at least one rare and special bead that combined with the others, makes it, well, yours and yours alone.

Adorning the body is as old as time and women have it down to fine art. Art it has become from tattoos to diamonds, but somewhere in between lies the creativity of one person to bring you a one only piece of jewelry that is yours and yours alone. The process is built around an idea of a woman whether young or old who will carry the chosen piece with confidence and flair. A go everywhere necklace that will never cease to bring a compliment. The content of each piece has been personally selected from the markets and back rooms from Nepal to Africa, China to Burma and many more. You will see the fresh design and infinite care that is taken by this one person who collects and then creates, just for you.